Custom Websites Development Services

Small business web site, online portfolio, brochure web site, internet marketing opportunity... we offer affordable services for web site development, web site re-design, analyzing your web site, and more. How can we help you?

Are you frustrated when you visit fancy, flash-based sites that have lots of style but very little substance? Tired of mystery-meat navigation? Want a web site that does not look like a template design? Do you long for a web site that is lean and clean with minimal code so it loads quickly and is easier to maintain?

CSS Website Design

Okay, so we're a little tongue-in-cheek when we ask some of these questions, but truly what is wrong with having a web site with both creative style and useful content?

Web Design Standards Compliance

We specialize in hand coded, tableless, cross-browser compatible, semantic XHTML/CSS design. So what does that mean? Why should you aim to have your web site built to standards?

Designing More Usable Web Pages

A well thought-out site structure, effective navigation scheme and design layout are the keys to a more useful web site. Your visitors will appreciate the thought you put into elements of user experience.

Creating Accessible Web Pages

Perhaps your business is required to comply with government regulations to provide "equal access for individuals with disabilities". Or maybe you just want to do the right thing.

Either way, why not ensure more internet users are enabled to visit your web site and learn of your message? Review our accessibility statement as one example.

"Following recently released standards like XHTML or HTML 4.01 provides an excellent framework for separating content from design. That leaves only minor changes necessary to come into compliance with the new rules."

Re-Design Existing Web Sites

Have you been thinking of rebuilding or re-purposing your existing web site to present a positive and professional image? You can be assured it will be re-designed to the same exacting standards we would apply to new web site development.

Some of the reasons why you might consider re-design of your web site include:

Analyze Your Web Site?

Do you have an existing web site, and know you want to make changes, but are just not sure where to start? Where to get the biggest return on your dollar?

Allow us to take a look. Our report will be packed with best practice ideas to ensure natural search engine visibility, redesign with consideration for retaining traffic afterward, easy ways to make your web site more accessible and more usable. Just give us a call or use our contact information to request your own customized review.

Web Site Maintenance/Support

If you desire assistance with ongoing maintenance of your web site, we would be pleased to arrange support on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Scope of ongoing maintenance may vary widely depending upon your needs, some examples of services we have provided to our clients include: