Professional Development Services Overview

This web site reflects our design approach whether your project is destined for the web, your internal network, or your desktop:

Web Site Design/Development Services

Have a site that looks good, loads fast and immediately establishes your professionalism and credibility.

We offer standards-compliant custom web site design, web site re-design/makeover as well as web site analysis (for usability, accessibility, seo).

Our development methods produce semantic, accessible, valid code utilizing best practices that support:

Learn more about our web site development services; we may be just what you're looking for.

Database Re-design/Development

With almost 15 years of database development experience, we're uncommonly particular about how we develop database application solutions; whether for the web, desktop, or network. Experience includes automating Microsoft Access with vba, converting Excel to Access, and otherwise improving productivity with efficient relational database design.

We can design and build custom relational database applications from scratch, or re-design existing database applications providing:

A typical database platform for small to medium sized businesses is Microsoft Access. And while MS Access does have its limitations, it is possible to develop incredibly powerful, yet low-cost applications using this platform. Learn more about how our Microsoft Access programming services could help your next project.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a great-looking site, and having a great-looking site people can find are two very different situations. "Findability is key to any site's success." Help ensure a return on your investment... be found!

We offer effective, ethical SEO strategies using organic optimization techniques to build a solid web site foundation by:

Interesting enough, steps we take to improve search engine web site visibility have a great deal in common with accessibility, usability, and high quality markup - the principles of web standards.

Do you really need someone else for SEO? The truth is that you don't. You can do it yourself and be successful at it. But don't be fooled, learning to optimize a site properly is no easy task, it requires a commitment of time, effort and patience. This would be the primary advantage of hiring someone to do it for you. It all comes down to what you want to do and where you want to spend your time and energies.